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Patented and innovative tension solutions makes installation on uneven floors, walls, or ceilings completely possible.


LAM Wall is extremely durable and can be used indoors or outdoors.  LAM Wall is made from high quality anodized aluminium and inox parts for long life, strength and durability. No plastic connectors used.



exhibitions, promotions, presentations, press briefings, product launches, trade shows, sampling, conferences, events, sponsorship activation, reception areas, foyers, corporate functions & hospitality, media interviews, photo-shoots, sporting events, road shows…


100% made in EU




  • easy and fast graphic change - no tools required,

  • continuous graphics with practically no vertical gap,

  • unique assembly system with possibility of extension in each direction,

  • patented tension system that eliminates uneven floor,

  • only small part of construction is visible,

  • small amount of storage space needed due to the modularity of the system,

  • it sophisticated design of the frame allows usage of different fillers,

  • very light construction for great portability and ease of transportation,

  • long life: only high quality anodized aluminium and inox parts – no vital plastic part,

  • 100% made in EU.




  • suitable for outdoor and indoor use,

  • one leg only possibility (in the middle of graphic),

  • flexible vertical profiles helps to compensate uneven floor surfaces,

  • different setup angles - 45, 90, 135 or 180 degrees,

  • double or single horizontal bar with spring mechanism,

  • one base for all purposes,

  • different base setup combinations for more stability,

  • possible to add more height (height up to 5 m - exceptionally suitable when your message needs to be seen from a distance),

  • wall or ceiling set up,

  • single or double-sided graphic displays can be achieved using many types of material,

  • endless configurations.


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